Migration Platform

Migration Policy Scotland offers a platform on migration that connects those working on migration across Scotland and beyond. 

We engage with a wide range of stakeholders. We connect people, organisations and evidence across practical, political, sectoral and disciplinary divides.

Promoting constructive thinking and positive action.

Lived Experiences of Migration

Migration Policy Scotland is developing new ways of incorporating lived experience into migration policy work.

Our Migrant Lived Experience Panel Development Group is finding ways to link what happens to migrants in Scotland to our research and influencing work.

A frontrunner in connecting lived experience to policy work in the migration sector, we are are developing an MPS approach to integrating Migrant Lived Experience in ways that matter.

Media and Events

New research on attitudes to immigration received widespread coverage as findings of the first representative sample of attitudes in close to a decade finds Scots attitudes have warmed considerably. Below is a summary of the coverage including an interview with MPS Director Sarah Kyambi on BBC Radio Good Morning Scotland. Good Morning Scotland (BBC) – […]