We have developed our inital programme for 2021-23. This outlines our priorities and explains our way of working.  We have consulted with key stakeholders and experts, and  intend to foster active dialogue and inclusive engagement as part of the way we work.

The finalised programme is available here

Planned Projects

Migration Policy Scotland is developing projects in line with our programme priorities. 

We are particularly keen to further understanding on the impacts of Brexit and the pandemic on migration and migrants in Scotland. We want to work with partners across Scotland to broaden engagement and inform dialogue. 

If you have a project that would benefit from collaboration with us, please get in touch.

Current Projects

Migration Policy Scotland is monitoring the new immigration system.

We want to contribute to understanding how the system is working, particularly in relation to Scotland. We are particularly interested in labour migration, family migration and routes to settlement. We are working to understand better how different users of the immigration system are faring.

In December 2020 we published our first report examining preparedness for the new system, focusing on employer’s and the home office’s readiness for greater use of sponsorship licensing. We will be updating this analysis at the end of 2021.

To support thinking and planning on the migration-related challenges and opportunities ahead for Scotland, our launch publication brings together analysis from key experts. 

The topics covered include: migration flows and dynamics, economics and the labour market, politics and constitutional affairs, demography, society and human rights. Contributors discuss current trends and their likely impacts in Scotland.

MPS has developed its programme for 2021-23. This outlines the structure of our planned work. It has been developed with the benefit of advice from key stakeholders and  follows on from the scoping work that established the need for more policy capacity on migration in Scotland, we have been thinking through how such capacity should be delivered. What should Migration Policy Scotlands’ priorities be? And how should we approach our work?

Past Projects

In 2019 the Migration Policy Scotland Project investigated the need for more policy capacity on migration in Scotland (outside of asylum and refugee migration). This scoping exercise was conducted as a series of conversations that explored:

  • What migration policy work is currently being undertaken in Scotland and what would be needed or viewed as useful?
  • What kinds of policy work should greater capacity on migration pursue?
  • What challenges arise and what opportunities would increase policy capacity in this area bring?
  • How and where would migration policy work be best be undertaken given the existing landscape of organisations in Scotland?

We spoke with over 50 people working with migrants or on migration issues across Scotland. This including workshops in Aberdeen and Glasgow. The resulting report was discussed at an online event in July 2020. On the basis of this consultation, we took the decision to found a think tank. Migration Policy Scoltand was set up. Our purpose is to promote a constructive approach to migration.