“MOVE” – A Perspective on an Issue of our Time


At an RSA Fellows’ MCICH Network Fellow-led event  MPS Director, Dr Sarah Kyambi, joins Prof. David Bell, University of Stirling, and Prof. Oscar Guadiola-Rivera, University of London, in a discussion with Dr Parag Khanna’s of his newly published: “Move” that considers the impact of migration on the future of human civilization.

Text from RSA website on this event reads:

RSA Scotland: “MOVE” – A perspective on an issue of our time

Join us as Dr Parag Khanna, author of “Move”, provides a fascinating insight into the impact of migration on the future of human civilization.

As climate change tips toward full-blown crisis, economies collapse, governments destabilize and technology disrupts, we’re entering a new age of mass migrations- one that will scatter both the dispossessed and the well-off. Which areas will people abandon and where will they resettle? Which countries will accept or reject them? As today’s world population, which includes four billion restless youth, votes with their feet, what map of human geography will emerge?

Here global strategy advisor Parag Khanna provides an illuminating and authoritative vision of the next phase of human civilization- one that is both mobile and sustainable. As the book explores, in the years ahead people will move to where the resources are and technologies will flow to the people who need them, returning us to our nomadic roots while building more secure habitats. Move is a fascinating look at the deep trends that are shaping the most likely scenarios for the future. Most importantly, it guides each of us as we determine our optimal location on humanity’s ever-changing map.

Move” was published in October 2021. Dr Khanna’s previous book “Connectography” was published in 2017. Both are available via a variety of sources.