Migration Policy Scotland

A constructive approach to migration

Migration shapes the society that we live in, the economy we rely on, and the cultures we share.

Many people have a stake in that process. At Migration Policy Scotland, we draw together those different views. 

We bridge professional expertise and lived experience to confront the challenges and draw out the opportunities that migration brings.

This first representative survey of attitudes to immigration in Scotland since 2014 finds attitudes have warmed and there is broader public understanding of the benefits migration offers. Widely covered in the media this Migration Policy Scotland report details the findings of an online survey carried out through Diffley Partnership’s Scotpulse panel between 17-19 January 2023 […]

This report by Rebecca Kay is part of our wider project on Migration and Population with a focus on rural Scotland. Rural depopulation is a significant contemporary challenge for countries across Europe andthe Global North, and Scotland is no exception. Migration has a crucial role to play in understanding historical processes and determinants of contemporary […]