Migration Policy Scotland

Promoting a constructive approach to migration

Migration Policy Scotland is a new, independent think tank in Scotland. We work to improve immigration systems and enhance migration experiences through research, policy influence and inclusive engagement.

We aim to offer principled and effective solutions to the challenges that migration may pose, while actively championing the benefits it brings.

Listen to MPS Director, Sarah Kyambi, and Professor David Bell discuss the challenges migration raises for Scotland after Brext and Covid. Hosted by Nicola McEwen, this episode of Consitutionally Sound covers labour market and constitutional issues.

In MPS’ Launch publication leading experts give their views on what lies ahead on migration for Scotland. What trends do they see in the underlying drivers and what impacts are expected? Analysis of the main challenges and opportunities and the options for Scotland.

This edited collection illuminates future prospects on migration for Scotland in relation to: the economy and labour demand, politics and public attitudes, constitutional affairs, demographics, human rights and communities.

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash