MPS Event: Migration and the Scottish Economy: Impacts and options


About this event

This Migration Policy Scotland event brings together expertise on migration and on the Scottish economy and business to assess the impacts of UK’s new immigration system in Scotland. How have businesses and the economy been impacted by the UK’s new immigration system? How have they responded? What are the benefits and challenges of the new system and how could any negative impacts be mitigated? Bringing together representatives from business and with experts on labour markets and migration policy the event:

• highlights sectors likely to have been most impacted by the end of free movement

• identifies how some businesses and sectors are adapting to the new system

• explores potential solutions and options for the future

Confirmed speakers:

  • Prof David Bell, University of Stirling and University of Edinburgh
  • Scott Walker, CEO, National Farmers Union Scotland
  • Marc Crothall, CE, Scottish Tourism Alliance
  • Sarah Kyambi, Director, Migration Policy Scotland
  • Prof Sergi Pardos-Prado, University of Glasgow, member of the Migration Advisory Committee
  • Donald Macaskill, CEO, Scottish Care
  • Shan Saba, Brightwork Recruitment Agency
  • Elaine Cameron, CE, Refugee Survival Trust

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