MPS Event: Multi-level Responses to Rural Depopulation – the role of Migration


This online roundtable event discussed the role of migration in tackling rural depopulation and the benefits and challenges of initiatives involving multi-level stakeholders.

We shared findings from Migration Policy Scotland’s research in this area, presenting some examples of policies and initiatives from Canada and Spain.

A panel of international experts offered insights on:

  • the benefits and challenges of multi-level initiatives,
  • questions of decision-making and governance,
  • appropriate mechanisms for planning, implementation and evaluation of policy interventions

Expert contributors:

  • Dr. Laurie Brinklow (Chair of the Institute of Island Studies, University of Prince Edward Island)
  • Dr Rachel Marangozov (Director of MigrationWork CIC)
  • Prof. Vicente Pinilla (Director, University of Zaragoza Chair on Depopulation and Creativity)

This event was part of a collaborative project on ‘The role of migration in strategic responses to rural depopulation’ by University of Glasgow and MPS funded by a Scottish Council on Global Affairs Insight Award

Read a blog about the event from MPS research assistant Hana Davis here

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Download File/Report (MPS presentation slides (pdf))