The Windrush Schemes in Scotland: raising awareness, ensuring advice


Join Migration Policy Scotland on Monday 31st October 2022 for an online panel discussion, bringing together organisations offering advice on the Windrush Schemes in Scotland and working on mitigating their shortcomings across the UK.

This event aims to further our understanding of how best to ensure that the potential of the Windrush Schemes is maximised in Scotland. This includes ensuring awareness of the Schemes among relevant individuals and organisations so that the full range of eligible people will have both access and advice.

Our discussion will focus on:

  • The scope for application of the schemes in Scotland.
  • Effective ways of ensuring awareness and access to advice
  • What the role of the Government should be in ensuring that those entitled to compensation receive it.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Elric Honore, Fife Centre for Equalities
  • Pawel Kopec, Citizens Rights Project
  • Indra Nauth, Action for Race Equality
  • Windrush Justice Clinic (speaker tbc)

We hope you can join us!

We are sorry you missed this event – a blog post, recording and presentations are currently still available

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