MPS Event: Multi-level Responses to Rural Depopulation – the role of Migration

This online roundtable event discussed the role of migration in tackling rural depopulation and the benefits and challenges of initiatives involving multi-level stakeholders. We shared findings from Migration Policy Scotland’s research in this area, presenting some examples of policies and initiatives from Canada and Spain.

MPS Event: Migration and the Scottish Economy: Impacts and options

About this event This Migration Policy Scotland event brings together expertise on migration and on the Scottish economy and business to assess the impacts of UK’s new immigration system in Scotland. How have businesses and the economy been impacted by the UK’s new immigration system? How have they responded? What are the benefits and challenges […]

EU Nationals in Scotland: Experiences, Needs and Support

The latest Migration Policy Scotland event hosts two expert panel discussions on the experiences and support needs of EU nationals in Scotland on 16 September. The first panel focuses on EU nationals’ needs for and access to support services in a post-Brexit era. It addresses matters including: Our second panel assesses the impact of COVID […]

The Windrush Schemes in Scotland: raising awareness, ensuring advice

Join Migration Policy Scotland on Monday 31st October 2022 for an online panel discussion, bringing together organisations offering advice on the Windrush Schemes in Scotland and working on mitigating their shortcomings across the UK. This event aims to further our understanding of how best to ensure that the potential of the Windrush Schemes is maximised […]

Migration Challenges After Brexit and Covid

Listen to MPS Director, Sarah Kyambi, and Professor David Bell discuss the challenges migration raises for Scotland after Brext and Covid. Hosted by Nicola McEwen, this episode of Consitutionally Sound covers labour market and constitutional issues.

Migration Policy Scotland Launch Event

Join MPS Director and Trustees to celebrate our launch and find out more about our programme and approach. A keynote panel will discuss the migration-related challenges and opportunities that face Scotland from a range of perspectives. Break-out sessions offer an opportunity to feed in on creating a platform on migration across Scotland that broadens engagement […]